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Trailer for 5 Comedy Specials

Roll With It CD


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“Roll With It” represents a typically stellar set from the legendary comic’s wildly popular casino shows. This performance was compiled from Richard’s personal recordings during the years 2003-2005 at gambling meccas across the nation. Bits include: roulette, craps, blackjack, drugs, drinking, swingers, bachelorette parties and much more. An edgier, un-PC Jeni, as smart, likable and laugh out loud funny as always. All material is previously unreleased. (59 min)

The Beach Crowd


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Compiled from raw footage from Richard’s personal archives, almost all 75 minutes of “The Beach Crowd” has never been seen outside the comic’s extraordinary live performances. Captured during two weekend performances in 2002 and 2006 at Southern California’s famed Comedy & Magic Club, there’s Richard’s trademark quick-change personas, bits on whales, women, pot and a whirlwind of imaginative improvs and hilarious audience interactions. A rare, intimate look at this unique performer and his remarkable craft. (75 min)

The Boy From New York City DVD


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The long awaited release of Richard’s first televised stand-up Comedy Special in a series of five for Showtime and HBO. Captured live at the Park West in Chicago, this video is the 30 minute showcase that secured Richard’s place among the stand-up elite and garnered an Ace nomination for “Best Performance in a Comedy Special.” Bits include the now classic “Love Songs” as well as Health Spas, Games Shows, McDonald’s drive-thru. “Holds up like Gangbusters!” (30 min)

Greatest Bits on Audio CD


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Richard Jeni’s Greatest Bits – One of the funniest CDs you will ever hear, it gets better and better every time you listen to it. It’s insightful and intelligent, with fresh and surprising observations about everyday life.

Crazy from the Heat DVD


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Performed live in Miami at the Club Passion, this video catapults you through Richard’s dizzying array of material. Flipping effortlessly through dozens of moods, characters and crushing one-liners. Material includes Brady Bunch From Hell, Coal-Mining Stump Dad, Baldness Cure, Drunken Brawls Southern and Eastern Style and much more. (60 min)

A Good Catholic Boy DVD


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This highly rated and critically acclaimed performance brings the audience to their feeet with hilarious riffs on late night infomercials, dating rituals, a penis cross examined on a witness stand, inflight emergencies, movies, religion and more. “Flat Out Hilarious!” (60 min)

Platypus Man DVD


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This is the non-stop joyride that won the prestigious Cable Ace Award for “Best Stand-Up Comedy Special.” Tracks include “The Bad News” with newscaster Grim Carnage, cooking shows (“Bill the Belching Gourmet”), dinner lobsters, love songs, football announcers and “The Ref.” A must for any Jeni fan! (60 min)

A Big Steaming Pile of Me DVD


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Richard’s latest televised special in a series of five comedy concerts. From the very beginning of the show it’s full speed ahead as Rich shreds a host of topics including politics, religion, relationships and the scandals of the rich and famous. Already considered a comedy classic. (60 min)